Taking speech and language skills to new heights.

Speech Elevated, LLC is owned and operated by speech-language pathologist, Sue Berscheid. Sue has spent her career supporting young children and adolescents with speech, language, literacy, and social communication needs. By using a client-centered approach, speech, language, reading, social, and executive functioning therapy are provided in collaboration with clients and their families to identify goals and deliver individualized therapy to achieve lasting results. With more than 20 years of experience, Sue Berscheid has provided speech-language services to hundreds of individuals with diverse speech, language, and literacy delays and disorders. Personalized services are delivered in a client’s natural environment, whether that is at home, school, or another community setting.



Expressive & Receptive Language Delays 

Articulation and Speech Sound Disorders

Specific Language Impairment

Learning Disabilities/Reading Intervention

ADHD & Executive Functioning

Social Communication Disorder

Sue Berscheid is credentialed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is licensed to practice in the state of Colorado. She provides speech, language, literacy and social skills therapy to clients in the metro Denver area, including Aurora, Englewood, Littleton.