We support children and adolescents in speech, language, literacy, and social communication development.

Sue Berscheid provides speech, language, literacy, and social communication therapy for children and adolescents. Using a client-centered approach, Sue works closely with clients and their families to identify their goals and deliver individualize therapy to achieve results. With an emphasis on family support and education, Sue provides extensive resources to parents and caregivers. Services are provided in the home, school, or community environment in the metro Denver area, including Aurora, Englewood, Littleton.

Assessments & Screenings

Speech Elevated offers comprehensive speech and language evaluations. Formal assessments are necessary to determine the presence of speech, language or social delays. 


Screenings are used to determine if further testing is recommended or for children who are on an IFSP/IEP or have had a recent evaluation.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy is provided in the child's natural environment. Using a mix of play-based and traditional therapy approaches, we believe children learn best when they are engaged in fun and motivating interactions.


Families are always encouraged to be an active part of our therapy sessions. Our goal is to partner with families to develop lasting communication success.

Literacy Skills

We address literacy-related difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling, and work with students with disorders such as dyslexia, language-based learning disabilities, and specific learning disability. 

Together with the family and school team, we work to identify and target academic areas of need, empower students with self-advocacy skills, and build confidence leading to success in all areas of life. 


Our adolescent and young adult clients are a critical part of the team. We work directly with them to identify strengths, weaknesses, and top goals. 

Parent Support & Coaching

Speech Elevated is committed to supporting the whole family. Outside of encouraging caregivers to be a part of therapy sessions, we support parents and caregivers in a number of ways:

In-service trainings at preschools and daycares

Parent and caregiver coaching

IEP support and consultation

Teen job and life skills coaching